Scheduled Task – Automatic Server Reboot

Open Task Scheduler. Click on Task Scheduler Library. Right click then select “create basic task”.Create Basic TaskCreate Basic Task

Enter the task name and description and click on “next”.
Schedule Restart 2012 Windows Server - Task Name and Description

Select the schedule or interval you want then click on “next”.
Schedule Restart Computer - Select schedule or interval

Schedule Restart Computer - Select computer reboot interval

Select “Start a Program” and click “next”.
Schedule Restart Computer - select task action

In command type “powershell” and for the arguments type “restart-computer” or “restart-computer -force” then click on “next”.
Schedule Restart Computer - restart-computer -force

Sometimes it’s necessary to use the ‘SYSTEM’ account to avoid the task process depending on a user account/password. Also, I typically check the box for highest privileges. You’ve created a task to restart your Windows 2012 server. Now you can click on “Finish”.
Schedule Restart Computer - task setup reboot server