FixesOffice 365

Scanning with 365

365 Settings.

Log into 365 and go to Exchange.
Click “Protection” on the left hand pane and double click “Default”.
Under “Connection filtering” add the public IP address the scanner will be located and click “OK”.
Now go to “Mail Flow” on the left hand pane and choose “Connectors” along the top.
Create a new connector as follows:
Enable inbound connector (Check)
Retain service headers on transmission (Un-checked)
Opportunistic TLS
Sender domains: *
Sender IP Addresses: (Public IP of the scanner)
Click “Save”.

Now choose “Rules” from the top menu and click the + icon to add a rule to bypass the Anti-Spam.
Create the rule as follows:
Name: From Scanner
*Apply this rule if… : (Public IP of the scanner)
*Do the following… : Choose the dropdown and click “Modify the message properties…” and click “Set the spam confidence level(SCL)” and choose “Bypass spam filter”.
Priority: 2
Audit this rule when severity level: Checked (Not Specified)
Choose a mode for this rule: Enforce
(Leave the rest unchecked)

Scanner Settings.

Change the settings on the scanner as follows:
Server address: (This can be confirmed in the admin portal under “Domain Setup”.
Port: 25
(No authentication is required)

Test the scanner and everything should be working correctly.